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Schinder Law Firm is a professional and international legal service organization established in Indonesia, based on local and global perspectives.

Lawyers of Schinder Law Firm have high degree of professionalism, exquisite legal knowledge and rich experience, providing pragmatic services to domestic and foreign customers, effective legal services. It has been acknowledged by wide acclaim from the industry and the market, and has won high recognition from domestic and foreign customers. Today, we have a large number of clients from various industries including large multinational companies and small and medium-sized growth companies, traditional manufacturing companies, well-known domestic and foreign investment banks, insurance companies, multinational construction companies, power plant project owners, mining companies, and oil and gas companies, foundations, real estate companies, telecommunications providers, e-commerce and financial technology companies. In addition, we provide legal services and assistance for Indonesian government agencies, international organizations, foreign consulates and chambers of commerce.

We have succesfully been operating for more than 10 years as a professional organization with core competence and highly cohesive professional team, including more than 20 practicing lawyers, and some jurists, law school professors, business management consultants, business law experts.

A total of 56 members united together to reach one goal: to solve the difficulties and problems faced by the client, to be more professional and more efficient.

In recent years, along with the implementation of China's One Belt and One Road strategy, it has drawn a blueprint for Asia's future infrastructure development, and it has also brought rare historical opportunities to Indonesia, and its economic potential cannot be underestimated.

With the entry of foreign-funded enterprises in Indonesia, the legal services of Schinder has been quietly changed following the footsteps of investors, providing foreign-invested enterprises with the establishment of the company, handling complex and difficult legal procedures and qualifications, improving corporate governance structure, and disputes between shareholders. Professional legal services such as investment and mergers and acquisitions, special liquidation. We assist enterprises in conducting preliminary investigations and due diligence, provide legal advice and various legal texts, and provide comprehensive legal advice and assistance to Chinese-funded enterprises. Schinder plays the role of lawyers in the construction of the “Belt and Road” and plays a more active role in the entire international lawyer industry.

Teamwork and resource sharing are the cornerstones of the development of the morality. With professional service to the society and reputation as the brand, the lawyers in the company provide "one-stop" high-quality and efficient legal services for foreign businessmen to achieve a harmonious and win-win situation among the society, customers and law firms.

We are looking forward to serve you in Indonesia or anywhere else.

We are more professional and more efficient.


Our Vision


The Road To A First-Class, Full-Scope Law Firm

Our vision is to emerge as a first-class, full-scope law firm with which businesses desire to associate because our consistent, proficient team delivers an exceptional experience in tailor-made, comprehensive, and value-added legal services. When a CEO asks his or her general counsel for the best lawyers in town, we want to be on the short list, particularly when the stakes are high, the matter is complex, and the parties appear unyielding.

We will continue to magnify the depth of our practice groups, as well as add new groups in order to provide clients with a broad range of quality services.

Because of our diverse experiences as litigators and trial attorneys, we can offer multi-layered understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of claims and defenses and are able to help litigators and their clients recognize when it is in their best interest to “give a little more” or “take a little less” based on our insightful analysis of the facts, the law, and how judges are likely to respond to their arguments. In addition, we will grow our legal team by selectively adding attorneys who can bring a new and distinct approach to client satisfaction in some of most complex and interesting issues affecting businesses and governments around the globe. This vision influences and underlines all Schinder’s behavior, decisions, and interactions.

Our Mission

Schinder Law Firm's overarching mission is to provide clients with a comprehensive spectrum of domestic and international services, from the initial foreign investment decision to the establishment and operation of a successful Indonesian business. We have the unique ability to not only guide clients with practical solutions and advice on Indonesia's complex, dynamic regulatory landscape including all corporate and commercial issues from every day to the uncommon but to also function as a principal partner in all legal matters.

We are a group of extraordinary people who apply legal knowledge, business insight, creative thinking, and practical know-how to serve each other and our clients. Our practice encompasses the whole range of commercial and financial disputes including defamation, insurance litigation, banking litigation, professional negligence, administrative law matters, proceedings for judicial review, and more.

Clients come to us with problems and walk away with real-world practical solutions that can add value to their business model.

For our clients, we are committed to delivering efficient, cost-effective, and expeditious legal services with a focus on communication, responsiveness, and attention to detail while maintaining the highest standards of professional integrity. We thrive on the individual and collaborative efforts that are essential to producing excellent results.

For our Firm, we accomplish our mission by promoting an inclusive atmosphere in which all individuals regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, pregnancy and maternity, marriage and civil partnership, age, or disability are encouraged to learn, to improve, and to become leaders in the legal, business, and civic communities. It is important to us to foster an enjoyable working environment, based on open communication and mutual respect.

Our Strategy

Client-First Approach

Our strategy puts our clients at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on providing risk management, targeted-industry, multi-jurisdictional, and corporate governance advice that allows clients to remain mobile through education, technology, and solutions-oriented service. Our strategy also puts our people at our very center because we know they are business critical for our clients and us.


Legal Expertise

We have an absolute focus on core areas of law to ensure we create the genuine depth of expertise our clients expect. Now that we have more than 30 people and two offices in Indonesia, our growth strategy for the next three years is about consolidation and organic growth within our core geographic and industry markets.


Talents & Resources

To do this, we know we need more than just talented lawyers. We need talented people, supported by the right resources and technology, in our IT, Risk, Knowledge, Finance, HR, Marketing, and Operations teams too. That's why we keep investing in these areas, regardless of economic market fluctuations, because Schinder understands the uplift inefficiencies and relevance for our clients that these investments create.

Our Values

Our Mission, Vision, and Strategy are underpinned by OUR CARES, values that serve as Schinder’s foundational guides and standards.

‘OUR CARES’ encapsulates Schinder's aspiration to create a unity of purpose. Channeling our mission, we aim to operate as one collective body of roll-up-our-sleeves, no-excuse attorneys, committed to using our broad communal legal experience to productively deliver solutions—not surprises—on your terms without fail. This level of dependability and cohesive teamwork demands an atmosphere that is open and innovative, results-oriented and teeming with mutual trust and engagement.

One Global Firm & Network - working collaboratively in diversity towards achieving our goals. We prize our membership in a lifelong community that is broadly variegated and are committed to cultivating cross-disciplinary, cooperative, and problem-solving approaches by embracing, leveraging, and promoting the power of global insight and understanding.

Uncompromising Ethics – displaying loyalty and integrity toward our values, clients, and staff. Confidential information stays confidential here as we are always authentic, fair, and respectful by associating openly and honestly when discussing questions, problems, and concerns. Everything we do and say will reflect the highest moral standards. We do the right thing even when no one is looking. By being ethically unyielding, we establish trust and civility toward each other and our external partners.

Responsibility - stewarding our resources with diligence and care. We honor the commitments we make to others. We hold ourselves responsible for our actions and outcomes of our work by matching our behaviors to our words in our ‘walk the talk’ mentality. We realize we can only expect our clients, colleagues, and staff to have faith in us if we dependably and reassuringly keep our word, regardless of the contexts it’s given in.

Client-First - putting our clients at the heart of everything we do. We challenge ourselves to deliver our mandate of the highest quality services, which inherently requires absolute neutrality, confidentiality, and acceptability to customers. We work expeditiously and productively to keep client interests in our forefront by managing budgets, reducing extraneous costs, adding value, and meeting their needs completely.

Advancement Through Innovation - understanding we live in a rapidly changing world. We have a long-standing commitment to an institutional culture that fosters creativity, risk-taking, continuous improvement, leadership, and an entrepreneurial spirit. We are dedicated to continuously improve by staying open to change and adapting to challenges and uncertainty.

Relationships - recognizing the critical role both internally and externally of solid, time-tested rapport. We value those we serve and those who we work with and nurture an environment of sharing, mutual respect, and success by promoting participation and trust between ourselves and others. We understand that loyalty must be earned and maintained.

Excellence In Leadership - harnessing collective expertise to forge original and unexpected solutions. Leadership and superior performance are achieved through supporting each other thoughtfully for continuous growth and development. Our leadership is cognizant of the fact that the synergy of our combined individual contributions will elevate the success we achieve for our clients and our firm.

Social Responsibility - acknowledging a social, civic, and personal duty to operate with foresight. We constantly strive to help and improve the greater community and environment where we live and work in, as we believe it is our obligation as responsible corporate citizens and as individual members of the community.

By working together as one cohesive team and streamlining our processes and interactions, we truly build a client-centered, talent-infused, and community-minded firm.

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